Runners Spotlight – Laura Whalen

GSG: What was your first Get Set Grow Event?
Laura: Hot August Nights at Lake Dow. I walked, and I finished 3rdin my age group. I was so excited.

GSG: Congratulations! What inspired you to start running?
Laura: It was the next step in my weight loss plan.

GSG: What are two things you do currently in your training that are keys to your success?
Laura: I love to hula hoop and jump rope. I constantly watch what I eat. I am in the process of renewing my training goals!

GSG: How would you motivate others to follow in your footsteps?
Laura: I would tell them to take baby steps. Let them know they don’t have to run their first race. Just get out there and walk!

GSG: What music do you listen to when you run?
Laura: I love music with a good beat…Bruno Mars, Maroon Five. It definitely has to have a good beat!

GSG: I noticed you bring you a bag with you to the races. What is in your race bag?
Laura: Ear-buds, a hat, Kleenex, gloves and croakies.

GSG: Do you have a motto or saying you live by?
Laura: Have fun…you know me, I am all about having a good time!

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