Over the years I have seen people do pretty crazy things when it comes to pushing themseves physically.
  • James Lawrence,  The "Iron Cowboy". Completed 50 Iron Man distances in 50 States in 50 Days
  • Dick & Rick Hoyt, completed over 1,000 races together. (a mix of triathlons, marathons & duathlons)
  • Beverly Cannady (my wife) Who ran her first 5K after saying, "Their is no way I can do it".
  • A friend name "Jen" who ran her first mile. After losing over 200 pounds. 

The truth is, no matter where we stand their is likely a new crazy that at times calls our name.
Pure Craziness is an account of my 12 month journey towards a new crazy. 
On  June 18, 2017, I committed to run from Locust Grove, Georgia to Daytona Beach, Florida in July of 2018.  (appx. 365 mi.)
Although many have done much greater things, this is a journey new to me and one that will take time to wrap my mind and body around. The things shared will reflect my transparent journey of joy and defeat as I prepare.
My Why? Honestly, My hope is to inspire others to become active and look at "impossiblities" as passageways instead of dead ends.