How It Works!
ProFinder offers a simple way for top rated pros to connect with potential customers in their neighborhood. Our marketing efforts allow decision makers to focus more on their goods and services. Elegant, simple and easy to use, ProFinder offers a way to generate revenue without many of the common headaches.
1. Complete Application
Our exclusive listing format allows each qualified merchant to become one of three certified professionals featured per category. Increase your visibility through our unique marketing strategies and strong community involvement. 

- Due to this being an exclusive offer - ONLY THREE PER CATEGORY - Serious applicants ONLY are requested. You will be asked to pay for   first month's services of $400 to complete your application and secure your spot. If canceled, all  application monies will be refunded    
  minus the $100 application fee.
- All submitted information is collected and reviewed by NATIONAL PRE-EMPLOYMENT RESEARCH of Stockbridge.  Get Set Grow is ONLY given a "PASS" or "FAIL" Grade and does NOT see the submitted or generated information. We honor all privacy laws.
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2. Become A Certified Member
Each approved application welcomes you to the "Get set Grow" Family. This seal represents quality and lets potential new customers quickly identify your level of service and commitment. The exclusive membership is only $400 a month. Space is limited!
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3. Get Involved
Reach out and connect with others who live, work, eat, play and pray in the community we both call home. Our creative efforts include unique "cause based" opportunities to come together and grow.