business leader focused, engaging and growth driven
Business Leaders Unite  
"We teach what we know but, we duplicate what we have become." 
When you get here choose a parking spot and as you return the shifter to "P", take a deep breath and exhale everything calling your name. This is your time, a time set aside to focus on you. When you enter you'll likely find the meal good, the connections meaningful and the audience a collection of like-minded professionals seeking to grow...just like you. 
  • We meet the first and third Thursday of every month (7:30 am - 8:30 am)  
  • Group prodded discussions to foster growth and a desire for more. 
  • Discussions center around the current leadership book of focus
  • We don't glean, we grow. So, we focus on a book for TWO months...not one.
  • Jump in anytime. Don't wait until we start a new book.
  • The only cost is to cover what you decide to eat for breakfast. 

We look forward to seeing you and a friend soon.
Breakfast Club
eat, connect, learn, grow
Hilton Garden Inn
95 Hwy 81, McDonough, GA 30253
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The intersection of business and relationships
Imagine an environment where walking in with a stack of business cards and flyers is discouraged. Imagine a fun environment where fostering three relationships each event was the norm. Imagine actually getting to know the individual often hidden behind a logo or catchy slogan.
We believe in people. We believe in business. And, we believe there is no better referral connection than one begun with an authentic, "What can I give?" approach.
don't just meet people, get to know them
With An Emphasis on WORK.
The seats are comfortable and you cannot wait for your leadership hero to take the stage.  Your number 2 pencil is sharpened and this time you spent $50 on a Samsonite bi-fold to write are ready! They speak, you hear every word and take great notes. You leave confident, and if emotions would last, you would likely reach CEO by next Friday. But, Monday comes and you find yourself staring at those notes hoping they will somehow spell out what to do next.
Have you ever wished there was a place you didn't have to play pretend and could come together to flesh out mutual areas of uncertainty? Well, you've just defined what our workshops are like. These interactive discussions are you related, fun, practical and often lead to clear action steps. We like to keep things personal so space is limited. Grab a Spot!
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Getting A Competitive Advantage
  • Your Customer Service Report Card
  • Savings Plans for Small Businesses
a hands on learning experience
  • Social Media Management/Marketing
  • Getting A Competitive Advantage
  • Broaden Your Customer Base and Market