Why choose Get Set Grow

Get Set Grow is an event management company headquartered in Henry County, Georgia.  With more than 20 years of non-profit experience, our team fully understands and appreciates the financial challenges facing non-profit directors, development officers and community fundraisers.
Taking a partnership approach, our goal is to maximize the fundraising potential for each of our partners’ events.  We accomplish this through our unique approach to event planning and development, with a strong focus on controlling costs and leveraging market contacts for sponsorship opportunities and event day participation.


Our concept is to provide our partners an “event in a box” containing everything needed to produce a memorable experience and successful fundraising program.  The “event in a box” concept leverages our physical infrastructure and collective event management experience by coordinating the production effort from beginning to end.  We offer guidance throughout the entire development process thereby alleviating many anxieties and concerns associated with event development.


In the end, we strive to produce a high caliber, sustainable event for our partners that will exceed all of their core goals and objectives.  We accomplish this through creating an event specific atmosphere that leaves participants saying, “Wow!! That was an awesome event, we are definitely coming back next year!”
Please let us know how we can help you with your next event produced by Get Set Grow!
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